Welcome to Joia Glass

Joy and Peter Cole are Joia Glass. We have developed our own style of individual designs, influenced by our love of natural forms, vibrant colours and the beauty of light in and through glass. Our inspiration can come from a walk in the woods or on the beach, a sunset or cloud structure, waves, or from a found object - a stone, leaf, flower, textiles, driftwood, even a piece of rusty metal - anything really!

We like to use techniques which keep texture and a sense of movement in the glass. Each item we make is a unique and individual piece, a product of our hands and imaginations to bring delight and enjoyment. The aim is always to make a beautiful product that will continue to give pleasure and interest.

We have moved to No. 6 Stone Barns, Kirkharle Courtyard, Kirkwhelpington, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE19 2PE where you can visit, see us making our glass and talk to us.

We are in the process of expanding our workshop to include a gallery.  The workshop will be closed from Sunday, 25 January and we plan to re-open on Saturday, 21st February.  You can still contact us via email and phone.  

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